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Text Box: Portable Exchange Deionization

We offer a variety of portable exchange tank sizes and configurations for every application. Listed below is a summary of our standard product line:

Portable Exchange Deionization

· 100 psig Fiberglass or CS Vessels

· High Purity Configuration Available

· Type 1 Anion Resin Available

· Skid Mounted for Multi-Tank Configuration


Global Water Solutions supplies portable exchange deionizers (PEDI) from Crossbow Water. Crossbow Water operates a state of the art regeneration facility with unmatched process and quality control.

From 1.2 Ft3 fiberglass vessels to 40 ft3 steel tanks, our DI exchangers can accommodate your flow rate and capacity. Contact Global Water Solutions for a review of your portable exchange  deionization needs.

à Mixed Beds

à Cation-Anion

à Softening

à Carbon Filters

Six-Pack of Portable Exchange Deionizers

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