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Global Water Solutions offers a full line of commercial and industrial water treatment equipment from basic particle filtration to electro-deionization. Select from our standard line of equipment or we can design a system specifically for your application:

Water Treatment Products

Commercial / Light Industrial Equipment

Our commercial line of equipment is manufactured by Enting Water Conditioning, Inc. and includes filters, softeners and iron filters. This equipment is constructed with fiberglass tanks, multi-port valves, plastic pipe and fittings, and electronic controllers. Typical applications include hotels, schools, sports complexes, hospitals and any commercial or light industrial facility.

Industrial Equipment

Our industrial line of water treatment equipment is manufactured by Integrated Separation Solutions (ISS) and utilizes steel tanks, valve nests, PLC controllers and steel or plastic pipe, valves and fittings. The industrial water treatment equipment line includes:

Custom Engineered Systems

The engineers at Global Water Solutions are experts at designing the optimal equipment configuration and sizing for your application. Let us review your water needs and help you select the best system:

 RO Pretreatment

 Chemical Injection Systems

 Neutralization Systems

 Reclaim Systems

 Control Upgrades

 Storage & Distribution Systems


 Membrane Systems

 Ion Exchange Systems








Portable Exchange Deionization (PEDI)

Global Water Solutions utilizes portable exchange deionization tanks and resin from Crossbow Water. Crossbow Water is based in Chicago and is premium supplier of portable exchange deionizers. Crossbow owns and operates a state of the art resin regeneration facility that is unmatched in the Midwest for process and quality control:


GWS carries a full line of expendables for water treatment equipment and processes. Tell us what you need or let Global Water Solutions specify the appropriate product for your application. A partial list of our expendables include:

 Filter Cartridges

 Filtration Media

 RO Membranes

 Ion Exchange Resin

 Commercial / Light Industrial Equipment

 Industrial Equipment

 Portable Exchange Deionization

 Custom Engineered Systems